Function should drive form but design is marketing? Is the cloud that one basket for all your eggs? Let me set your mind at ease while providing you with an effective, reliable and secure solution. With 12+ years experience in application, database, and website development for two Fortune 500 companies, I know what works. With 5 years experience in independent and start-up ventures, I understand technology on a budget.

All screens are not created equal. An ideal cross-device experience requires custom tailoring to several ranges of display size and resolution.

Modern web and software developers can easily fall in to the trap of adopting trends that focus on aesthetics for aesthetics sake alone. I develop a thorough understanding of your business needs and goals before the photoshop of my mind goes to work.

Simple social integration. If you haven't come to understand it yet, simple social integrations, having a Facebook page, a twitter account, etc. for your business are free marketing tools. From like/tweet/pin buttons to integrated Facebook / Google Plus comments and sign in, I can make it happen for you.