Kenny Young

Since my first programming exposure at age nine, I've been in love with technology and automation. Today, I am an independent technology consultant and software developer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. I design and develop websites and applications, including mobile-specific.

Having spent 12+ years working on application, database and web development for two Fortune 500 companies, I have a wide breadth of skill and perspective on software and website development.

If you need anything from basic websites to interactive applications spanning desktop to web to mobile and beyond, please contact me and let me know what I might do for you. Thanks!
John Doe

We don't know who this guy is or why he keeps showing up, but it turns out he's not too shabby at what he does, so what the heck. From what little we've been able to gather, Mr. Doe is 50% architect, 50% engineer, and 100% something we're occasionally concerned about having ever let in to the building.

He seems to be very interested in the efficiency with which we do what we do. He preaches (often unaware that anyone else is in the room) about things like organization, methodology, communication models, and keeps mumbling "SDLC?" We eventually broke down and gave him a company email address. When asked what he wanted it to be, though he's never spoken this name, he wrote down: After a long, painful, and not entirely effective conversation about how he was not, in fact, working in the hallway of The Nature Conservancy, nor could we "make that happen" for him, he begrudgingly settled for

Hey, some mysteries are better left unsolved. If you would like to contact Francis, please use his war-time alias: